Milta Bodrum Marina

Harbor Services

Harbor Control Center

In order for the boats entering/leaving our marina to carry out the sea traffic movement at and inside the harbor in a safe manner, guidance and information are provided from our harbor control center via the ‘VHF 73’ channel. All boat movements are also monitored by cameras from our harbor control tower.

Mooring Service

Free support is provided by our competent team using mooring boats in order to ensure safe sea traffic movement of the boats entering/leaving our marina inside and outside the port, and to assist during mooring and shove off.

Diver Service

Since safety at sea is essential, in case of doubt, if the boat has not started to take on water, the boat is either taken ashore or examined with the support of a diver in order to check whether the boat is damaged or not. If there is anything the diver can do, he/she will do it or give more information about the damage.

In order to prevent a great chaos, it is an important issue that the boats do not anchor within the marina. Boats are belayed with mooring ropes attached to thick chains laid on the seabed, but these ropes attached to other boats during the maneuver may lock the propeller by the wind dragging the maneuvering boat or otherwise entangling the propeller. In this case, the solution is again diver support.

Some boats request bottom cleaning or propeller shaft cleaning before landing. If appropriate, this cleaning can also be done by the diver.


According to MARPOL, it is forbidden to dump waste water into the sea. This service is provided with a wastewater collection boat and wastewater collection devices in the marina.

While the boats are moored in the Marina, the oil changes of the boat engines are also done. For this purpose, there are oil collection tanks in the marina where waste oil can be placed.

Deck Washing

Use of all kinds of detergents during washing is forbidden as it spoils the structure of the sea. Otherwise, criminal action is applied within the scope of the Environmental Law, as it damages the sea.

There are companies that provide deck washing services in our marina.