Milta Bodrum Marina

Health Services

'Your Health is Our Health' at Milta Bodrum Marina

Our workplace doctor is always reachable by phone, and also serves our incoming guests.

Milta Bodrum Marina, in cooperation with Bodrum Marine Rescue Association for more than 20 years, continues to support everyone who is devoted to the sea with a FREE sea ambulance service. It is the only marina with a fully equipped MARINE AMBULANCE. In addition, there is an infirmary in the marina and a quarantine room as a precaution against all kinds of situations.

As Milta Bodrum Marina, within the scope of our ‘Difference is our Awareness’ project, we are always alongside our Dear Guests’ in need

All processes related to coronavirus are followed meticulously and continuously, and we have a pandemic team. Please do not forget to arrange the information form about coronavirus with our front office teams.

For emergencies, you can call 112.

Radio Announcement

VHF 73 (Call name: Milta Bodrum Marina)

VHF 16 (Emergency call)