Milta Bodrum Marina

Marina Lighthouse Club

For sea lovers, life is different at Milta Bodrum Marina: This marina is Bodrum's gateway to the world and is the sailor's stop for four seasons


In the shadow of the historical lighthouse specially prepared for our guests, you can explore our mini-library and mini-museum while you relax with a hot tea and coffee at the Marina Lighthouse Club, which has a panoramic viewpoint overlooking both the sea, the land and the port entrance.



The lighthouse, which was built by Captain Marius Michel Pasha on a small island at the entrance of Bodrum Harbor in 1880, became the harbor lighthouse with the construction of Bodrum Marina.

The height of the light above sea level is 8 meters and the height of the tower is 5 meters. The flashing character of the lighthouse is Fl.R.5 seconds and the nominal range of the light is 8 NM.

A wick kerosene lamp was used as the light source for the lighthouse. Later, lamps with bright light sleeves working with LPG were used, and electric lamps are currently used. Three catadioptric panels with a focal length of 375 mm were used to strengthen the light source and make it visible from afar.

Said optical panels are placed on a rotating circular platform on the mercury bath in a rectangular form. The light source burns steadily in focus and by rotating the optical panels on the platform, the lighthouse gives four flashes of light.

The original clock mechanism and panels of the lighthouse are preserved in Istanbul. Bodrum Lighthouse, which is still operating with a 300 mm device with electric flashers, is under the protection of the General Directorate of Coastal Safety as a national heritage.