Milta Bodrum Marina

Who we are

Milta Bodrum Marina is,


the marina with the highest daily entry & exit movement in Turkey,


an important brand in the international platform with its different service understanding,


the door of Bodrum opening to the world,


the heart of Bodrum, in its heart,


the sailors' stop in all seasons,


the only marina in Turkey with a sea ambulance, our motto is "Safety First",


the first marina in Bodrum to have a Safe Tourism Certificate,


The price policy is "Our route is in Turkish Lira".


It hosts at least 25 organizations a year, including social responsibility, special and official day events, trophy races at sea, and Ottoman Shipyard Art Gallery exhibitions.


The distance to Bodrum airport is only 30 minutes.


It is within walking distance of the Maussoleion, one of the 'seven' wonders of the world, Bodrum Castle, the Ancient Theatre, Myndos Gate and the city walls.

This success of Milta Bodrum Marina, which is among the top 50 marinas in 25 countries, is rewarded by various organizations every year.

  • Thanks to the “5 Gold Anchors” international quality award given by the The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA)
  • It continues to be recommended to yachtsmen around the world.
  • It reinforces its prestigious position in the country and abroad with the “National Blue Flag” award it receives every year, thanks to the works carried out since 1997-98.
  • Milta Bodrum Marina, which contributes to the formation of nature and environmental awareness in children with its social responsibility projects, was awarded the “Best Environmental Awareness Events Award”.

Milta Bodrum Marina is among the top three marinas in the Mediterranean basin, thanks to its service quality at global standards, its central location, its proximity to the airport, its professional staff focused on increasing guest satisfaction, and its variety of customer-specific services.

Milta Bodrum Marina, one of the distinguished marinas of the Aegean and Mediterranean, makes a difference with its dynamic and reliable services that are constantly evolving, as well as being an inner-city marina in the center of Bodrum. Being one of the top 10 marinas in Europe and the leader in occupancy and guest satisfaction in Turkey, Milta Bodrum Marina offers a privileged life to both its guests and employees.

Milta Bodrum Marina is a 100% subsidiary of Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. and its capital has been fully paid.

With the colorful world of Bodrum on one side and the paradise coves of the Aegean on the other, as an inner city marina, boats of all sizes, from the smallest to super yachts, can be safely accommodated. In addition, it is the only marina incorporating a sea ambulance that provides service with a volunteer life-saving team at sea. It is the only marina where the most races are held in summer and winter with the sailing club it cooperates with.

We are in the heart of Bodrum, we are the heart of Bodrum.